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Founded in 2003, SMC is a french film production company run by Steven-Marc Couchouron and Isabelle Lukacie.

Working with the best talent, both behind and in front of the camera, SMC produces films that are ambitious, distinctive and visually innovative. It also acts as a line producer for TV commercials and foreign films shot in France.

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Selective filmography


3 medium length films (40' each) written, directed and produced by Isabelle Lukacie & Steven-Marc Couchouron. Set and shot in a manor in the heart of France, and featuring 3 women at a turning point in their lives: Léa, Zoé and Ana. Starring Oscar Sisto, Carine Ribert, Julie Dousset, Candice Nechitche, Sébastien Pascaud, Patrick Mimoun, Anthony Marfurt and Pascal seguin.

Shadow Girl

A feature length ambiant thriller exploring the themes of identity and responsability. Starring Sabine Crossen, Oscar Sisto. Awards: Platinum Remi - Houston WorldFest, Best Cinematography - Thessaloniki Independent Cinema Panorama, Cannes Film Festival - Young Filmmakers.

The Girl with the Seamed Stockings

15’ short film produced im June 2013, directed by Steven-Marc Couchouron. Shot on Red Epic and in anamorphic with Arnaud Gabriel as DOP. A film with high production values and a very subtle script. Distributed by Origin Films.

Paris Jazz

Planned for shooting in 2017, Paris Jazz is a feature length ambiant romance set in the world of jazz music in Paris. Image by Eric Heinrich. Music by Karim Lekehal.

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