About us

Founded in 2003, SMC is a french film production company run by Steven-Marc Couchouron and Isabelle Lukacie.

Working with the best talent, both behind and in front of the camera, SMC produces films that are ambitious, distinctive and visually innovative. It also acts as a line producer for TV commercials and foreign films shot in France.

Selective filmography


« 3 medium length films (40' each) written, directed and produced by Isabelle Lukacie & Steven-Marc Couchouron. Set and shot in a manor in the heart of France, and picturing 3 women at a turning point in their lives: Léa, Zoé and Ana. Image Eric Heinrich, Sound Benjamin Jaussaud, Costumes Magalie Bécart, Editing Steven-marc Couchouron, Music Rhett Brewer et David Gordh with Oscar Sisto, Carine Ribert, Julie Dousset, Candice Nechitche, Sébastien Pascaud, Patrick Mimoun, Isabelle Lukacie, Anthony Marfurt and Pascal seguin.

Shadow Girl

an ambient thriller which earns us a Platinum Remi at the WorldFest in Houston, as well as a special prize for best cinematography at the Thessaloniki Independent Cinema Panorama. We are selected that same year by the Cannes Film Festival as part of their Young Filmmakers program. A very unique adventure for a film shot with no budget, much energy and determination, 42 locations,… real Guerilla Filmmaking !

The Girl with the Seamed Stockings

15’ short film which I produced for SMC Productions in June 2013, directed par Steven-Marc Couchouron. Shot on Red Epic and in anamorphic with Arnaud Gabriel as DOP. A film with high production values and a very subtle script. Distributed by Origin Films. Pitch : « Mark is enraptured by the sight of a beautiful young woman hitching up her stockings in front of his Parisian bistro. When she walks into his café the next morning, he doesn’t yet know that he is going to become fully obsessed by her. »

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